Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Travels....2013

This is the year of BIG travels for this family.  We have been to Europe twice with the 'older set', each time six weeks of traveling by plane, train and bus....There is nothing like traveling with your backpacks full of your stuff and stopping at 'washing stations' in different countries....Well....We are doing it again......This time....We are flying to London.....spending several weeks on train and seeing some of Europe....then?  Taking a cruise....yep....We will be visiting Russia....   Excited, NOT sure how to pack?   I am used to the backpacking packing.....but the backpacking PLUS....some elegant night packing?   Yeah.....will be thinking about this...Follow this...and IF you have some suggestions?  Will be listening :D

Sunday, September 16, 2012


We have decided, really last moment to take a happened one evening, we three gathered around the computer, thinking about next year....when, low and behold, a cruise with Carnival popped up.....from New points along the East Coast and up into Canada....  We giggled....what a fabulous trip that would be but there is only one cruise week open and well.....I JUMPED.....Wait....THAT is the EXACT week that Sean has off from school.......

We are way packed....THIS IN ITSELF will be a new adventure..I have NEVER flown before a cruise.  Usually , I can take as much as I want, we either drive to the port or take the train and they are forgiving..This time?  Flying....I am limited...CAN I DO THIS?  I am one of those packers, that packs for all contingencies...You cannot do that when you as I pack school lunches, as I organize all other things....guess I will just have to organize what we will be wearing....and if we run short?   Hum.....either buy or Can you tell that I am nervous?

But I am excited to share the pics, the experiences and of course, my general meltdowns....did I mention....that ALSO we need to pack, well, the main thing that concerns me is the one night of 'glamour', we don't do the tux or gown thing, but a suit and cocktail CANNOT pack those things and have them presentable....deep breath........

All will be well, looking so forward to something spontaneous.....

love to all

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sedona with Side Trips (Jerome)

                 Day Three....Sedona.....yes We are still here !

What is it....when you wake up in Heaven.....Tension is gone, the fast pace is gone....'what bill to pay next' gone....Didn't even need my Starbucks.

We got up a bit later, then headed out to the shops.  Was looking for Prickly Pear Juice and I found it, a syrup that can be used over pancakes....Sean was happy....Traversed through the shops, and we decided it was time for a road trip....yes, that is what I said....Not far though...Jerome...  This was a mining town, many years ago bustling with people and excitement!  It is a gorgeous town, fun shops to go through, great restaurants, yes, even vegetarian!  The houses were gorgeous, the museum is worth the walk through and the video depicting an era gone by is superb.

Good Morning Sedona

                         DAY TWO

Good Morning Sedona….

We are up bright and early to head over to Slide Rock.  It is a Park that has a natural slide built into the river and it is a blast!  People come from all over the world to see this natural beauty.  You must get there early if you want to ‘get a good spot’ to plant your things.  There are natural ‘pools’ that are not too deep, so we found a spot to put our things and headed into the water…the temp was around 68 degrees, which is VERY warm for this river, and once you were used to the ‘chill’, it felt incredible.  People come bearing cabanas, drinks and their picnic food, for a day of fun in the sun.  There was one hitch however, today had been somewhat cloudy which made it even more perfect, and dangerous for us ‘easily burned types’.  We had already decided to leave, we had been at the park about 3 hours, sun-screened and all, but were not willing to take the chance of the major burn, so we packed up and were heading out, stopped to pick up an ice cream for the kids at the Slide Rock Market when the Heavens’ decided to let loose, slowing at first, then huge drops.  Perfect timing, we were in the car and once again, enjoying the rain! 

Arriving at the Lodge, the weather “up here”, was a bit nicer, just a few drops, and the kids were itching to go to the pool, once we were sure there was no ‘lightening’ danger, we headed over and the kids jumped right in (I might add that the pool was heated, so they were quite happy about the temp.).  Sitting by the pool, we had some good news that one of Erin’s oldest friends Melissa and her daughter, lived close by and we were thrilled when they were able to come and visit with us.  We so enjoyed reminiscing and having a good laugh about old times and old friends.  I loved seeing the two of them with their children lamenting on ‘how different things are today’.  We all headed out to an organic Italian/pizza restaurant, ate, enjoyed the night air, then it was time to say good-bye till next time.  We love you Melissa and

Perfect end to a perfect day!  Time to hit the sack and get ready for a day of shopping and hitting the town of Jerome nearby.

Happy Adventures…

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The 4 Corners Adventure

The adventure begins!  We finishing organizing the two cars, Kathryn is taking her Tahoe with Erin and 4 of the kids, we packed up our Honda with one of the grandkids with us.  Ten of us, gearing up to have a grand time!

We start out around 9:30am and are j u s t getting to the freeway and Dad asks “This place does have a pool right?”  “Yes, they do”, I reply…next question?  “Did you turn off the pool water”????? Panic sets in, we do a quick U-turn and rush back home. Thankfully a tragedy was avoided and he turned it off, that would have been a disaster! Back on the road, being so thankful he thought of if BEFORE we were more then two stoplights away, we start to relax and enjoy.

The traffic was cooperating and we were smooth sailing when we saw a gorgeous sight up ahead,  dark menacing clouds!  In Southern California, rain is precious, and monsoon-type weather, is hit and miss to say the least.  We rejoiced at the drops starting to pelt the car, and windows were immediately opened to revel in the sweet smell of rain.  Near Flagstaff, we had an amazing light show along with the rain, what a treat!  As we neared Sedona, the rain let up a bit and with windows opened we could smell the pines and the campfires in the air, really starting to relax now :D

We arrived at Sky Ridge Lodge on top of a mountain, next to the Sedona Airport, we have stayed here before and have NEVER been disappointed.  We settled in our rooms and then headed out to dinner to a familiar place Javelinas…Where the atmosphere is relaxed, the food is delish and the Prickly Pear Margaritas are worth the trip alone!

Exhausted, full and ready for a great nights sleep, we head back to the rooms to dream of tomorrows adventure….

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Up, Out and Away!

Tomorrow....FINALLY, we will be back on the road, this is going to be a great vacation!  My husband surprised me with the first leg of the of my FAVORITE destinations...We will be staying at Sky Ranch Lodge.....Atop a mountain with a view of the city below, the airport, with great food next to us and the Heavenly stars, above us.  The perfect place to see the sunrise and the sunset, both equally beautiful in this perfect setting!  I will be posting as we travel from Arizona....but, I will not get ahead of myself.....I want to savor and I hope you will too the beauty that is in this first stop.  So....packed....and once again AWAY WE GO!!   Happy Travels.... and love to all

Sunday, July 17, 2011

JULY? Already?

When I started this blog, it was to document all the traveling that we do as a family....To this date?  We have gone to Target and the grocery, I am not complaining, just realizing that these are the adventures that I am loving this summer!

We had a GREAT springtime vacation, and so I fear I must not be greedy...  I actually have hanging plants this year, birds that are nesting in those hanging plants....visiting the grandkids, spending time relaxing and the biggest project? may not be exciting to read about?  But I am having the BEST summer, and I know, that we will be sprinting here and there, and if not?....another BIG fall surprise.....

So, I am ENJOYING my little adventures to small antique stores, Bed Bath and Beyond, and the Redlands street fair, .....Sandles, shorts and cotton candy..........OH YEAH!